Are you curious about the studentlife for queer people in Stockholm?
Are you tired of heteronormative education?
Do you wonder where all the queer people at Karolinska Institutet and Medicinska Föreningen are hiding?

Queerolinska is a student association for LGBTQ-students and employees at  Karolinska Institutet and Medicinska Föreningen. Queerolinska is also open for our heterosexual friends.

In 2012 Queerolinska started up again after being inactive for some time, now it is more active than ever. If you are curious about Queerolinska you are more than welcome to help us arrange activities or just join us at the activities. Our activities can be all from arranging lectures about LGBTQ in health care, movie nights, arranging “Heteroveckan” or Queerpubs with the entertainment committee.

We would like to make sure that everyone feels safe, and just want to point out that you don´t need to be open to come to the meetings, there is no record of the participaters and we will definitely not out anyone. You are more than welcome and stay tuned here on our page for the next date.

För att komma i kontatk med Queerolinska, maila till:


eller kontakta oss på



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