Student union house foundation

The student union house foundation (Kårhusstiftelsen) is the real owner of the student union house and lease the land on which the kårhus is built from Akademiska Hus until year 2035. Medicinska Föreningen rents the union house from the foundation.

The objective of the foundation is regulated by its , and its members are chosen for a three-year period. The Kårhus foundations’ main objective is to see that Medicinska Föreningen’s localities are not jeopardized by short-sighted decisions taken by the board or the MF council, who are elected for a one year period.

The student union house foundation has five seats, occupied by the president of Medicinska Föreningen, two members who are appointed by the board of Medicinska Föreningen, Inspektor and one member appointed by Karolinska Institutet, and five alternates.

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