It took a long time before the medical students in Stockholm formed their own society, but when Karolinska Institutet in the 1870s got a complete medicine education, the time had come.

In the year of 1876 an “invitation to the formation of a medical society in Stockholm” was sent out. That society was founded 21st of April, 1877 at Hotel Fenix and had at that time 83 members. The first chairman was Oskar Medin.

An important function of the organization was to create an increased unity between students and especially between those in different courses. In the beginning, the membership was not compulsory, but after 10 years the amount of students was so large that an association of all students was necessary and compulsory membership was brought in.

The next year, the organization was given official recognition by the University chancellor and in 1896 KI demanded a certificate of compliance with provisions for anyone who wished to go through with their education.

The original 83 members grew to approximately 5000 in the end on the 1990s when KI had more educations, of which some came to join MF. In 1998, the University of Health in Stockholm joined Karolinska Institutet, which thus received more health related educations. In 2001, the Society of Health Sciences (a society which included the educations from the University of Health) joined MF. At this point, MF had increased to about 7000 members and almost 20 educations to secure.

The activities of the association has changed over the years, but proms and parties have always been arranged, and educational matters have of course also always had a central part in the Association. MF has also for a long time issued their own paper – first “Medicinska Föreningens Tidskrift” (MFT) which was replaced by “Bukpressen”, to later be replaced by Medicor, the current paper.

A question which has persisted through the ages is the one about location. During the first years, the location was changed often, but in 1913 the association moved into Norr Mälarstrand 12 and stayed there until 1954. That year, the association moved with Karolinska Institutet to the Norrbacka area and was allowed to rent premises from Kungliga Byggnadsstyrelsen (the house where F&S are today).

In 1983, the students were replaced by books as the Institute’s library had outgrown its previous area. In exchange, the association was allowed to buy the rest of the house and, with donations and own fundings, build in connection to this. In May of 1985, the new house was ready for inauguration.

Since then MF has stayed in our house, and will so continue until we get an offer we can’t refuse. The house have been a meeting point during a lot of happenings and it will hopefully continue beeing what it is during the 25 years to come.

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