Union ribbons

The colours of the Medical Students Association are white (as mucus), red (as blood), yellow and black (as yellow and black bile). Only the big names in Medicine shall wear them all at once. Apprentices shall only wear them two at a time.

The black and yellow ribbon is worn by members who have completed at least two years at an education programme that is longer than three years and is an education represented by the association. The band can also be worn after graduation.

Yellow and white ribbon are worn by members undergoing doctoral studies. The band can also be worn after the thesis defense.

Other members are wearing the red and white ribbon, until they qualify for any of the other ribbons. The red and white ribbon may also be worn after graduation if the member has not acquired any of the other colours.

The Four-coloured ribbon is assigned to former board members when they have graduated from Karolinska Institutet and granted to them at the Lucia Prom.

The President of MF should wear a black-yellow ribbon with the association emblem when he/she is representing the union in his/her function as president.

How to wear the ribbons?

The ribbons are worn to formal wear (white tie). The ribbon is, for men, worn over the right shoulder with the “heaviest” colour down and for women either over the shoulder or as an rosette attached to the chest.

Only one of the Medical Students Association ribbon shall be worn at a time.


Thats how you fold your rosette:


Graphic taken from SLU:s samlade studentkårer (SLUSS) · Alnarps studentkår (ASK

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