Parva Scintilla Medicorum

Parva Scintilla Medicorum was ordained by the Board of MF in spring 2012. It is awarded to the person who, for a shorter or longer time made an indispensable volunteer work for the association in the field of study monitoring. Examples of such efforts are far-reaching and persistent improvements in education / teaching / study conditions that have been at benefit for students at Karolinska Institutet. The medal can only be awarded to members, former members, association staff and others who have become involved in the association. Parva Scintilla Medicorum consists of a medal with black-yellow-black ribboned band wich should be attached to the chest. The medal is a black Maltese cross with a plate in the center on which it is the association badge in gold on a black background and around the badge the text “PARVA SCINTILLA SAEPE MAGNAM FLAMAM” in gold on a red background. Listed below are the previously awarded the medal:

2012 Anna Eklöf, Speech Therapy Student
2012 Matilda Liljedahl, Medical Student

2013 Felicia Fixell, Physical Therapy Student
2013 Ida Runnvall, Medical Student
2013 Erica Sundström, Biomedical Laboratory Science Student

2014 Johan Hilm
2014 Sandra Astnell
2014 Veronica Hansson

2015 Karin Böttiger
2015 Martina Söderman
2015 Marius Matusevicius

2016 Awad Smew
2016 Theodor Hjortenhammar
2016 Emma Ahlén Bergman
2016 Jayesh Pandya

2017 Jennie Sporre
2017 André Hermansson
2017 Daniel Holl
2017 Arash Hellysaz
2017 Hugo Zeberg

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