The activity and administration of the board and other executive and proccesing bodies  is reviewed by two sakrevisorer along side two alternates and an authorised auditor together with an alternate. These positions are appointed by the Medicinska Föreningen Union Council (FUM).

The auditors are elected to scrutinise the year of activity and should review the activity and administration of Medicinska Föreningen continously during the year and also at the end of the year of activity. The auditors annually submit a report of their reviewing for the year of activity for which they have been elected to scrutinise. The audit reports are found with the annual financial statement.

There should also be two internal auditors. Their task is to progessively review the activity and administration of the board, committees and sections during the year of activity. In addition, they should supply the board, the administration committee and other deciding bodies with advise and encouragements according to what they have concluded from the revision process. These have a more independent role than the other auditors and should support the activity to fulfill the rules and regulations that concerns the activity.

Authorised auditor:
Permanent: Bo Holmström, Mazars SET Revisionsbyrå AB
Alternate: Anders Äng, Mazars SET Revisionsbyrå AB

Ordinary: Johan Hilm, David Stigson
Alternates: Martin Berg, Isidor Braekke


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