Student Ombudsperson



I am Nazira Hammoud Shahwan and I’m the Student Ombudsperson at Medicinska Föreningen. As a student at KI you can turn to me for advice in anything that regards problems or concerns about KI.

Student Ombudsperson, SO, is an independent person that you can turn to with various issues. For example, if you do not feel you have been treated properly or has other problems in your dealings with teachers, students or other KI employees or other education place (hospitals, clinics, etc.).

The Student Ombudsperson represents all students at KI for both individual actions, but SO can also suggest changes in procedures that will affect all students. We have obligation to observe silence in all maters that we deal with.

As a student at KI, you can turn to the SO with all the questions, concerns or any problems you may encounter towards KI.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 08–524 830 73
Visiting address: MF Solna, Nobels väg 10


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