The council

The council (FUM) is the highest decision making body within Medicinska Föreningen and can have up to 29 members and equal number of deputies. The council is elected annually in a general election among union members. The election is organized by the Election Board and is conducted annually in October. All Medicinska Föreningen’s voting members are entitled to candidate for council.

The council meets at least three times per semester to discuss and decide on the overall issues concerning the entire association. The meetings are led by the speaker, the vice speaker and the Medicinska Föreningen secretary. Together, the trio constitutes the senate presidium. All association members are welcome to their meetings, but only members of the council, union bodies, Inspector General and officials have the right to free speech. The members of the council are the only ones who can vote.

If you have a question that is eager for the Medicinska Föreningen and which you want to present to the council, you can apply to be an adjunct to a meeting. You have the right to speak but not vote on the issue. All members are entitled to submit motions for the council to decide upon. You will then come and present your proposal at the next meeting. The council then accepts or rejects the motion. Motions can be mailed or left at the postbox outside the Medicinska Föreningen office. All motions are prepared by the board before they are handled by the council. Send your questions to [email protected]

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