Council election 2015

Of the 29 council mandates, at the most fifteen ara appointed by the sections. The rest are elected in a general, secret election among the MF nmembers.

Election time

The election will be held October 21st-26th.

The election arranging committee

The election is arranged by the election arranging committee. The committee consists of Andrea Montano Montes (chairman), Jennie Sporre (vice chairman) and Pontus Dannberg. You can reach the committee on [email protected].

Voting in the general election

A personal link to the voting page has been sent by e-mail to all members with the right to vote. You can vote for the candidates who run in the general election (i.e. not the section representatives).

Candidates in the general election

Candidates for the Student Council will be announced October 14th 2016
Please see separate document.

Right to vote

Each studentunion member who has paid the membership fee and don’t have any debts to the student union has the right to vote in the election.

Election of section representatives in the council

Election of section representatives and alternates in the council is made by decision in each section board. Notice of election of section representatives must be sent to the election arranging committee no later than the end of the general election.

Election result

After the election is finished, public counting of the votes will be held. The counting of the votes must be finished no later than 24 hours after the end of the election.

The result will be made publig no later than 24 hours after counting of the votes has ended, through a notice in the student union house and a personal message to all members wiothin three months after the election.

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