Entertainment committee

The awesome (åsom!!!) PrU-Group is the most important committee of MF – for sure! We put all our passion into organizing the wild parties and pubs! As well as traditional big events like the “Luciabalen” and the “Amphioxgasquen” we also have cool smaller parties like Oktoberfest, movie nights, etc. Check out our Facebook-webpage for the upcoming events!
Every Friday from 4pm to 10pm you can come over to our great Pub Night in the basement of MF. There you can have a beer (or 2, or 3..) with your friends to start the weekend or just chill out after classes. Look out for our special theme nights: Halloween, Rainbow-pub, Karaoke, etc. And if YOU have a cool idea for a theme-night, we can arrange this!
Do you want to know more about PrU? Would you like to test your skills as bartender on Friday nights? Don’t hesitate to ask! It’s not about the money, you’ll get looooove from us and a lot of fun.
You can reach us via Facebook and email: [email protected]
Or just talk to one of our members in case you have any questions. (How you recognize us: We are the cool guys)

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