Standards keeper

Standards keeper

The standard keeper is the person who is responsible for carrying forward the association standard, convene the massed banners, preserving and maintaining the association’s; banners, flags, and other heraldic items. The standard keeper also has some other tasks, though no less trivial. Standard bearer 2016 is Daniel Holl. The standard bearer is selected by the council for a period of one year at a time.


Former Standard keepers

2000 Torbjörn Ross
2001 Ellinor Sjöberg
2002 Ulrika Ståhle
2003 Martin Trenneborg
2004 Carl Savage
2005 Jens Andersson
2006 Karl-Gustaf Kruse (född Brobäck)
2007 Jonathan Grip
2008 Tommi Blom
2009 Felix Haglund
2010 Samuel Rhedin
2011 Martin Berg
2012 Ylva Gustafsson
2013 Markus Österblad
2014 Johan Hilm
2015 Anne Wang


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