Sports cabin committee

The Solviksfogdar, a.k.a. The Sports Cabin Committee (Sportstugenämnden), is a group of students that ideely take care of Solvik – The Medicinska Föreningens’ sports cottage in Solvik on the island Värmdö, just outside Stockholm. We take care of the property and the buildings, look for tentants and have great fun together. Each term we have at least one “Fix-Weekend” where we take of to the island and fix and clean, eat good food and enjoy the nature. And during summer we go Solvik for an entire week. You don’t have to be a member to come with us and if you’ve never been to Solvik then it’s an excellent oppertunity to come and see what we talk about. We love Solvik and would like to see the goup get bigger. If you have any quesstions about Solvik or are thinking about becoming a member, contact us on [email protected]

Current caretakers (Fogde) of Solvik

Daniel Holl (President) [email protected]
Peter Carlsson (MF´s janitor) [email protected]

Jens Andersson
Clara Brandkvist
Kalle Garpvall
Erik Hagman
Johan Hilm
Johan Kriström
Henrik Lagervall
Helena Silva Cascales
Anders Wikberg

For more information about Solvik in general and how to book Solvik, visit: Rent premises > Solvik

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