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The International Committee (Internationella Nämnden – IN) is an organ within Medicinska Föreningen. The International Committee strives to help internationalize KI through planning events and activities on campus that promote internationalization. We work closely with Global Friends, about whom you can read more by clicking on their name on the banner to the right!

All IN meetings are held in English and IN is comprised of students from around the world. The International Committee is a great fit for you if you enjoy working in groups with International as well as Swedish students or have ideas on how to improve the international environment at KI and MF! The International Committee assignments are:

For several years IN has initiated (and helped to improve) a number of different projects, which in different ways have helped International students to get engaged in Medicinska Föreningen. These events have also been a good opportunity for Swedish- and International students to meet!

Feel free to contact us at any of the mail adresses above with questions or if you’re interested in joining one of the projects! If you have any other questions, you can send them to [email protected].

The international committee is very welcoming in terms of collaboration that promotes internationalization with other committees and organizations within MF and Karolinska Institutet.

Hope to see you around!
// Devy Elling, President International Committee


Language Projects


[email protected] is a project where native Swedish KI students teach Swedish to international members of the KI community. We have three levels of Swedish knowledge: beginner, intermediate and advanced. All students are welcome to join: either if you want to learn Swedish (International) or teach (Swedish-speaking)!

Sayoni- [email protected]



[email protected] matches two people who are eager to learn one another’s language, doing it on the terms they agree upon. Exchanging cultural and linguistic differences beyond strict “class-room” atmosphere, finding new friends via sharing your knowledge with another person and becoming a fluent speaker in foreign language – how cool would that be?

Sara- [email protected]
Dasha- [email protected]


Fun & Social Projects

SD Website

Social [email protected] is weekly dancing classes in the Aula at Medicinska Föreningen! Come learn how to do different dances (last semester Salsa & Bachata)! Thursdays, 18.00-21.30!

Contact: [email protected]

coffee hour

Coffee [email protected] is organized every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm just outside the KI Solna Main Library! Everyone is welcome to join for free fika and to take part in our weekly activities. We aim to create a fun, relaxed, and engaging environment where you can meet new people and share the joys of being a KI student! Welcome to Coffee Hour!

Dasha- [email protected]
Sara- [email protected]



Cooking Website

[email protected] is a newly formed group in the IN/GF family! The idea is to cook together in MF’s large kitchen and to end the evening with a cosy, social dinner. Join us and help us reimagine what “student food” can be!

[email protected]


Exchange projects

Twinning Website

[email protected] is 1-week long exchanges between different Medical Universities in Europe. The exchanges include Social- and Educational program. The exchange will be with Greece for 2016! Contact us for more info on how to sign up!

Lucia- [email protected]
Jessica-  [email protected]

GIES Website

Get Inspired by an Exchange [email protected] is a project which is all about promoting exchange studies! This will be done in the form of lunch seminars, where former outgoing exchange students present their experiences and gains from the exchange!

Diana- [email protected]
Sonja- [email protected]
Hanna – [email protected]

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