Global Friends

logga_GF.EARTHWelcome to Global Friends!

Our main purpose is to make our International students’ time here as memorable as possible and to connect Swedish and International students!


We organize a variety of amazing events sponsored by the Karolinska Institute since we want you to have a great time here at KI and in Stockholm. We have for example visited Skansen, the museum of Vasa, hosted pub crawls, gone on a cruise, played ten-pin bowling, etc. We create events with great diversity so that everyone feels included and we’re open for all ideas! Please send a mail to our Events team if you have any ideas you want to share with us.

The buddy system

Global Friends also has a buddy system, where we integrate KI students and International exchange students. This is a great way for everyone to make new friends and learn about different cultures. Information regarding the application for getting a KI buddy is sent to our exchange student in the beginning of each semester. Unfortunately we don’t have enough buddies for all exchange students, but we do our best. If you have any questions, please send a mail to our Student Coordinator.

Event helpers

Are you a Swedish (or International) student at KI and want to help out at some of our events, you can sign up to be a part of our team of Event helpers. Please send a mail to the president and we’ll give you more information.

Strangers today,

Global Friends tomorrow!

The Global Friends Board 2017:

President: Linnea Lin, [email protected]

Event managers: Victoria Hovergren, Mathilda Hedbeck, Muaad Hussien, Kim Khanh Pham, Veronica Malmberg, Oscar Martinez, Amy Protheroe, Daniel Rylander, Hans Witzenhausen, Aisha Yusuf, [email protected]

Student coordinator: Carolina Bengtsson, [email protected]

Secretary: Jeannie Ukale

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