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The Reception Committee would like to welcome you to KI and Medicinska Föreningen!

Your first couple of weeks at KI will probably not be remembered as a time of buying new textbooks and going to lectures – instead it will be a time of filled with loads of new encounters and making many new friends. During these weeks you will meet the classmates that hopefully will turn into some of your closest friends as well as people from other parts of your education that will lend you their textbooks or in other ways share their secrets to success (or survival). We at The Reception Committee would therefore like to invite you and your fellow classmates to a reception where you will be able to bond with each other in the best possible way. Make out the most of these first weeks, how important could the first lessons be?

Please visit our website for updated information about the reception VT16:


The Reception Committee is a part of your student association, Medicinska Föreningen. Each term we do our best to make sure that all the new students feel welcome, and begin their time here at KI with a fun couple of weeks. With everything from pub crawls and dinner parties, to games and sports there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The reception weeks start on your first day, 18 january, and go on for three weeks. The Reception Committee as well as other organisations within Medicinska Föreningen hold a great number of events, that you can find in the reception schedule above. Events hosted by The Reception Committee are written in capital letters, with the remaining events being held by other student societies.

This is a fantastic chance to get to know your student association, as well as your fellow students, both classmates and more experienced veterans. Enjoy!



Don’t forget to check us out on facebook – we will keep you posted about the upcoming reception!

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