The Sports Committee

Idrottsutskottet is your primary source of physical activity at Karolinska Institutet. We organize the sportsdays, the weekly activities (see below), sports trips (skiing and surfing once a year!) and play a role in the welcoming of new students by organizing sport related activities.

Weekly Activities

The following activities take place every week. Registration is not required, you are free to just show up! These hours apply during the spring semester 2016.

• Floorball 17-19 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna)
• Basketball 19-21 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna)


• Yoga 07.30-08.30 (Lugna rummet, KI, Solna ) 

• Floorball (Physioterapist students) 17-18.30 (Skrivsalen, KI Solna)
• Badminton 18.30-20.30 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna)

• Netball 18.30-21.30 (Skrivsalen, KI Solna)

• Floorball 17-19 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna)
• Basketball 19-21 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna)
• Netball 17.30-20.30 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna).

• Badminton 11-15 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna).
• Cricket 15-17 (Skrivsalen/Exam hall, KI Solna)


If you feel like there is some sport missing, and you would like to start up a new activity – please feel free to contact us! If you have any questions, please chat to us on facebook via the site called Idrottsutskottet MF,  or mail us at [email protected]!

Facebook groups:

KI tennis
KI löpning
KI klättring
KI Basket
KI Floorball
Badminton @ KI



The board of the Sports Committee 2017

President: Sara Rindborg
Vice President: Filippa Nordenson
Secretary: Albin Sjöblom

Board members:

Alexander Andersson
Victor Sandström
Mathias Vidgren
Hugo Nordin
Olle Thunberg
Matilda Lassa
Hampus Svedberg
Leo Ziegel

Frida Jonsson

Simon Sjuls


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