The Educational council

The educational council (UR) has primarily two purposes and goals. One is to serve as a communication channel between the sections in order for the sections to get an overview of what is currently happening within Karolinska Institutets different educational programmes. The other purpose for UR is to serve as a platform for identifying common educational issues across the programs that are important to address in order to improve the education.

Every section within Medicinska Föreningen are invited, as well as other student representatives that are involved in educational issues, e.g. student representatives in the Board of Education (US).

UR is also responsible for the Mäster award, which is the finest award that a teacher can get from the students. The prize is given to a single teacher or a group of teachers that have contributed with invaluable work for the education at KI. The prize is awarded annually at the Lucia ball since 1965.


André Hermansson, chair 2016
[email protected]

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