To be accepted as a member of SSSB and collect credit days in their housing queue you have to study for at least 50% per semester and also be member of a Stockholm student association (such as Medicinska Föreningen). Make sure that you always have the same email address and Swedish civic number registered to Medicinska Föreningen and SSSB, otherwise you may lose credit days. If you don´t have a Swedish civic number it is extra important that SSSB and MF has the same email address registered for you.

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About SSSB/Overview
As Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (or SSSB) is organised as a foundation, there are no owners as such, but a principal body: the Stockholm Federation of Student Unions (or SSCO) which appoints members of the board. SSCO decides many of the rules that refer to your student accommodation, please see “Styrdokument”

According to its charter, the SSSB is a public utility housing foundation with the following areas of responsibility: property development, acquisitions, ownership, management and administration of housing (blocks of apartments/rooms) for students who are active members of SSCO associated student unions, and others, private individuals or groups, who may meet requirements as specified by the SSCO or central authorities.

In other respects, SSSB is to actively contribute in finding and providing accommodation for tenants meeting the above requirements, as well as promoting a cultural coexistence and sense of community within SSSB properties.

Overall aims
Providing student accommodation for active members of SSCO associated student unions in the Stockholm area.

Securing the future existence of the foundation by creating the necessary profit.

Operational intent

Management and Administration
SSSB is to manage and administer its premises so that a good housing standard is maintained and maintenance costs are kept as low as possible.

If the acquisition of new housing premises at a reasonable price is considered to be feasible, the foundation can act accordingly. However, new acquisitions are only be made when these are found financially acceptable, taking into account the general development of the housing market.

Property development
Given the opportunity, SSSB can assume the responsibilities of developer for new housing premises, the costs of which should be acceptable to our student tenants. New premises are to meet the requirements of housing quality standards to minimise maintenance costs and guarantee the life of the premises.

Ownership is one of the purposes of the foundation. However, it should be emphasised that other solutions may be considered.

Dissemination of knowledge
SSSB will share its competence and information regarding student housing management with other interested parties.

According to the Board, the first priority of all SSSB operations is to serve the students’ (tenants’) interests, an example of which is having adjusted office hours to suit students’ free time.

The possibility of rent reductions should always be considered, providing the financial situation allows this.

Moreover, the foundation is to maintain a social environment in which our tenants feel comfortable and at home. As stipulated in the overall aims of the foundation, a sense of community should be actively encouraged, by, for example, providing requisite common/shared premises.

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