Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member?

To become a member in Medicinska Föreningen it requires that you are registered as a student for the current semester at Karolinska Institutet. To become a supporting member that isn´t required.


What is the difference being a student member and a support member?

Being a support member is a way to support Medicinska Föreningen. The membership doesn´t give you any membership benefits like the MF- card or SSSB and doesn´t give you any democratic rights in MF.


Where can I pay the membership fee? 

Click here to access the member portal , where you can pay your membership fee by credit card or via OCR number. An e-invoice will also be sent to your KI-mail automatically the moment you start your studies at KI. It’s also possible to pay your membership fee at the student union office.
Campus Solna, Nobels väg 10. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday – Friday 9-15. Closed on Tuesdays.
Campus Huddinge, Alfred Nobels Allé 23 (ANA 23) Thursdays 9-13.


Why can’t I pay via the Member Portal?

Usually it’s because our system can’t see that you are registered as a student at KI, i.e visible in LADOK. Double check that you are in LADOK and send us an extract to; [email protected] together with your name, civic number, address and telephone number and we will e-mail you an invoice!


Why haven’t I received an e-invoice?

We e-mail invoices to all our old members and newly accepted students every semester. If you haven´t received an invoice it´s because your registration in LADOK isn´t showing here at MF yet. Please contact: [email protected]


I am a PhD student – is there anything I need to know?

Are you a newly accepted PhD and not yet registered in LADOK? Send us a copy of your admission letter to [email protected] together with your full name, civic number, address and e-mail address or visit one of our receptions in Solna or in Huddinge.


I am a prePhD student – is there anything I need to know?

Yes there is! You can be a member in MF, but since you are not going to be registered in LADOK, you need to send us a signed certificate of your current studies at KI together with your full name, civic number, address and e-mail address. That way we can send you an invoice for your membership fee. You can also come visit us in one of our receptions in Solna or in Huddinge.


I am a PostDoc – is there anything I need to know?

Only if you are a PostDoc on a stipend you can become a member in MF. The membership fee is reduced to 150 SEK/semester. The membership doesn´t include the benefits SSSB or MF/Mecenat card. It does give you the other benefits and perks of being a MF member,


I have been parked in the SSSB’s waiting list – why?

1) Double check on the Member Portal  that you really paid for current semester and that the payment has been registered. (a payment can take a couple of days before it shows and then another couple of days before it´s registered at SSSB)

2) Make sure you have stated your full Swedish civic number (ten digits) at both SSSB and MF and that you are using the same e-mail address both at MF and SSSB. If you only just received your Swedish civic number please scan or take a photo of your birth certificate (personbevis) from Skatteverket and e-mail it to: [email protected]. Also make sure MF has you new civic number, e-mail it to: [email protected]

3) If the problem remains – contact [email protected]


I have not received my Mecenat card.

Keep in mind the card takes about two to three weeks after you have paid before your new card arrives. Also during summer and winter holiday there are no cards ordered.

1) Double check what address you have in LADOK! If your address is missing or not conform to the one we have at MF, the card can’t be ordered correctly. To change your address at MF go to:

2) To put in a temporary address in LADOK go to: Choose “Ladok on the web” and log in with your student account. There you go to Mina uppgifter / My details and write your current address.

3) Go to and double check that they have your new address and order a new card.


I’m going to buy an SL card with student discount but will not be able to get my Mecenat card before I do it. I need a SL-proof. Can you send it to me?

No we can´t, but you can order a travel certificate via text message from!


My Mecenat card is lost/stolen and need a new one.

You can order a new card from Mecenat.


A Mecenat card have been ordered but I need it fast!

You can order an express card from Mecenat for 40 SEK. If you have a smartphone you can download the Mecenat card as an application;


The information on my Mecenat card is wrong! How do I change it?

If your name is misspelled, you should first contact KI to get it changed in LADOK. Contact Infopunkten at Campus Solna (Berzelius väg 7, Library) or Campus Huddinge (Universitetsbiblioteket) or department secretary at your institution.

Also contact Mecenat customer service to get a new card.


I’ve paid my invoice, but the Member Portal appears as unpaid. What should I do?

It may take a few days before the payment is registered in our database, so if you just paid it’s no wonder that it is not visible yet. Wait a few days and check again. If the payment is still not registered, it is usually because you entered the incorrect OCR number or paid for the wrong semester. Send an email to our treasurer Johanna where you attach a receipt of successful payment, so she can help you. [email protected]


I have moved. Should I notify change of address?

Yes, you should! Especially if you want the student card to be sent to you!

First of all you need to do an address change at The you need to make sure that you have the correct address in LADOK. You can check this online at LADOK on the web

Update your address at MF; log in to the member portal or send us an email to: [email protected]

Also update your address on SSSB.


I recently got a Swedish personal number, how do I update it?

1) How to notify Medicinska Föreningen about your new personal number:

2) How to notify LADOK – KI about your new personal number:

3) How to notify SSSB about your new personal number:


When do I have to pay the membership fee? I have received an invoice but there is no expiration date on it.

Since the autumn semester of 2010 it is optional for university students to be members of a student association as Medicinska Föreningen. You can therefore pay the membership fee whenever you want, but you are not a member until you have done it.


For how long is the membership valid?

Your membership card for the spring semester is valid until the 30th of September and the autumn semester until the 28th of February (29th in case of leap year).


I live abroad. How do I pay the membership fee from my country?

E-mail [email protected] and ask how to proceed.


It doesn’t work when I try to pay online. Can I pay at the Student Association office?

Yes, you can pay the fee at the Student Association office.


I got an invoice though I will not be studying. What do I do?

You don’t have to do anything. If you want to remain a member even though you will not be studying this semester, you can become a support member, email the Medicinska Föreningen office.


I want to join but have not received any invoice. What do I do?

We send out membership invoices to all students who are newly registered at the Karolinska Institutet and to those who were members previous semester. If this is your first semester at KI, you can´t join until you’ve started your studies, because you are not registered in the student database (LADOK) until then. The invoice will be sent to the email address that you have registered at KI. For further questions, send an e-mail to [email protected]


Do I have to be a member?

No, since July 1st 2010, it is no longer compulsory for students at universities and colleges to be members of a Student Association.

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