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This is how our Medicinska Föreningen Mecenat card looks like. Besides all the usual discounts that are included in the Mecenat card this one will give you all our exclusive member discounts as well. As a member you will always have a chance to be a part of our Committees, Sections and Councils. You will also have reduces prices at all our events, activities and parties. The other benefits you have as a member you will find in the list below:


Stockholms studenters IF

Stockholms Studenters IF is a sport society that every semster has over 80 different sport groups in 18 different sports. Membership in Medicinska Föreningen gives you 100SEK discount on all SSIFs activities. Read more;


Idrottsskadecentrum Kungsholmen

• 20% off on all training
• 30% off for 10 training sessions
• 40% off for 20 training sessions
• 20% off for all physiotherapy and naprapath visits/treatments
• 20% off for all massages
• 30% off for 10 massage sessions
• 40% off for 20 massage sessions









All MF-members has a discount at restaurant Hjulet, Tomtebodavägen 3A!

Lunch only 75 kr and a 10 times voucher 700kr To check out todays menu go to;

KI app/ Dining or


All MF-members gets a 5% discount at if using the member discount code when shopping. E-mail [email protected] to get the code. This is the latest addition to our collection of member exclusive discounts and we really hope that you’ll enjoy it!




15% at Solna and Telefonplan Climbing Center




From the 1st of January 2012 Medicinska Föreningen also works with STA Travel which means that you, as a member of MF, gets 10% off all hotel and hostel bookings from STA Travel, plus no booking fee which is normally 250 SEK!  Isn’t that great!



From the Optician students at KI all members of Medicinska Föreningen gets a discount on eye examinations, glasses, lenses etc. if you show your Mecenat card with the Medicinska Föreningen logotype! Call 08-672 30 27 to book an appointment or e-mail: [email protected]








At our receptions and our events you can always find som free useful, fun and great stuff from Comviq! Comviq has some really good student deals and you can always try them out with a free sim-card that we have at the receptions!



1500 members get Studenthäftet, filled with great discounts!



Here are some more great things you get as a member of Medicinska Föreningen:
  • You can apply for Scholarships from MF.
  • You can apply for housing from SSSB, the Student housing association in Stockholm (to apply for housing from SSSB you have to study for at least 50% or take 15hp /semester). Here is the direct link to their information about tenancy reviews, checkups on your study results and more, which is good for you to know if you want to be a member of the SSSB.
  • You can get help and counselling from our student ombudsman and our PhD ombudsman if you have study related problems.
  • You can rent the Medicinska Föreningen cottage Solvik on Värmdö and our MF-building in Solna at discounted prices.
  • Medicinska Föreningen also works with Mecenat, who gives you the Mecenat card. The card is your student ID and gives you hundreds of student discounts. At you find a complete list.
OBS! You have to be a student member of Medicinska Föreningen and NOT a supportive member, elected member or a permanent member of MF, to get the exclusive student discounts from Medicinska Föreningen.

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