Why should I join MF?

Why should I join MF?

There are multiple reasons for why having a Medicinska Föreningen-membership is a benefit. You can choose all of them or select some of your favourites. Being a member of MF is optional but in order to participate in the activities organised by the various bodies of the students’ association you need to be a member. In turn, being a member of MF comes with additional privileges compared to non-members such as obtaining student discounts coupled to the Mecenat card given to you by MF but also other offers sent out via e-mail or the website. You will also have member-friendly prices to participate in parties organised by the Entertainment Committee (PrU) on behalf of the students’ association.

At Medicinska Föreningen we usually explain our organisation in a pedagogic manner by utilising the Three S’s:

  • Student influence
  • Student life
  • Student help

Student influence

Medicinska Föreningen Student’s Association is represented in nearly all of KI’s deciding bodies. From the section members being student representatives in different committees and councils at the educational programme level, to representatives that have been appointed by the association to make our and your voices heard in working groups, university councils, and boards across Karolinska Institutet.

It is thanks to these representatives that your opinions are heard and discussed in the entire organisation of Karolinska Institutet. A membership in MF expands your influence and you will support those who ensure decisions are made with the students in mind and work towards an increased student influence.

Would you like to get involved in student influence? Send an e-mail to [email protected] or stroll by the offices and we’ll be sure to help you along.

Student life

To get in touch with the student life in Stockholm, the quickest way goes by MF. Your student’s association includes a vast range of sections, societies, committees and other bodies. All of these are supported both financially and from an administrative perspective by MF. It is in these bodies that things are happening and it is where you will make friends for life!

What kinds of activities do we offer? Selected examples are listed below:

  • Farce (FLIX, Corpus)
  • Music (The chamber choir Ascalpella, Blåslaget, Stroket)
  • Sports (IdrU, Swedish Championships, Volleyball, Football, SSIF, climbing)
  • Culture (Medicor, Culture Committee, Movie nights)
  • Sections (All sections with associated groups such as IFMSA, BioN, PHS Network etc.)
  • Parties (PrU, Amphiox, Luciaprom, Spex dinners, Introgasque, Friday Pubs)
  • Solvik (MF Sport’s cabin)
  • Plus so much more.

If you feel like something is missing, you are encouraged to start up an activity of your own. Support to establish your own organisation can be requested by the MF board.

Would you like to get involved in student life? Send an e-mail to [email protected] or stroll by the offices and we’ll be sure to help you along.

Student help

As a student’s association, the services that MF can provide in the area of student help are not always member exclusive but we hope that you would like to support our work by investing in a membership. In this area we have the following services:

  • Accomodation (SSSB – members only, Akademisk kvart – avaliable to everyone)
  • Student ombudsperson and doctoral student ombudsperson (Free of charge for all students)
  • Rent premises at MF and on Solvik (Discount for members)
  • Parking permit (Application occurs via the MF Board and can be obtained at MF office after paying the membership fee.)
  • Medicinska Bokhandeln, bookshop (Owned to 67% by MF which supplies you with cheap literature)

Would you like to get involved in student life? Send an e-mail to [email protected] or come by the offices and we’ll be sure to help you along.

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