The largest distributor of student accomodation in Stockholm is SSSB (Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder). In order to get an apartment from SSSB you have to be a member of a student association in Stockholm, like Medicinska Föreningen. Since the student housing situation in Stockholm is really bad the queues at SSSB are quite long. There are about 80 000 students here, but only about 12 000 student apartments (SSCO, 2012)

As a complement to SSSB, SSCO has started up a subleasing agency called Akademisk Kvart.
Here you can rent a room or an apartment in second hand and it´s easier to find somewhere to live faster. Although, since it´s subleasing it might not be as secure as a first hand contract, so make sure to get a signed deal with your landlord.

At you can find some good advices when looking for housing in Stockholm. See especially their Take charge – Your survival kit in the housing jungle manual. leases appartment from private landlords i.e. appartments that you won´t find in the housing queue of Stockholm City.

Blocket is like Swedish version of craigslist. Once you visit the site, translate using google, then choose apartment on drop down list, check the rent box, then finally put max rent fee (i.e. 5000SEK/month).

Bostaddirekt is a real estate company that helps you find a place that matches your need. If you are going to Sweden that early, you can get an agent to go around with you. They will charge you a fee, but only after you have found a place to rent.

Hyralya is an useful site for finding a short term stay (~2-6 months) but they also have many long term ones that lasts 12-24 months. It’s a sublet site where owners can post by themselves. You need to pay ~20$ (or ~10pounds if you are from UK) to see the owner contact info, but it’s worth it, especially for people who need accommodation right now.
Here you also need to wait ~300-400 days, but they have deals that are based on how long you want to rent (first come first serve) that you maybe lucky enough to get.

Kistastudentbostader similar to SSSB, but it only applies to KISTA region (commute with subway/tube) so it has less people competing for a spot.

Huge applies to Huddinge region. Good for campus Huddinge students.

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At ByggVesta’s Campus Flemingsberg there are 433 newly built student apartments for both students and researchers. The apartments are between 20 and 80 square meters, and are suitable for single students or students who want to live with their family or a friend.

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