How to become a new member

Naturally, we want you as a new student to become a member of the student union. A membership in Medicinska Föreningen comes with a lot of great privilieges. The same week as you register on your first course at KI, you are added to our membership database. Your personal record is transferred to our database from the KI LADOK system. This enables you to become a member by paying the membership fee. As soon as you’ve been added to our database you can access the member portal, where you can pay your membership fee directly by debet och credit card as well as getting your invoice number to pay by bank giro.

You log on to the member portal using your KI username and password, the same one you use for your KI email account. We will also send you an electronic membership offer to your KI email address or an other address you might have added to our database. As soon as we have received your payment you are a member of Medicinska Föreningen. We will then order Mecenatkortet, which is our membership card, to your address kept in our records. It usually takes 2-3 weeks between your payment and the arrival of your card. If you during this time need proof that you are a member of us, you can log on to Medlemsportalen and print a receipt of your payment (N.B. This receipt is not accepted by SL/SJ/SAS.) for that semester.

If you are encountering any problems with becoming a member or paying the membership fee, you are more than welcome to contact us at [email protected].


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