How to become a new member

Naturally, we want you as a new student to become a member of the student union. A membership in Medicinska Föreningen comes with a lot of great privileges which you can read about at here: 10 reasons to become a member.

You can become a member after you have been registered on your first course at KI. That is when you will be added to KI’s student database. Your personal record is then transferred to our member database from the KI LADOK system. This usually takes about 1-2 weeks after the semester has started. As soon as you have been added to our database you can be registered as a member of Medicinska Föreningen and get your Mecenat card!

You will be able to pay the membership fee for the autumn semester from August 21st, then you will be registered as a member as soon as we have received information about your course registration from LADOK.

Read more about how to pay the membership fee here.

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