The Mecenat card

The Mecenat card is your student ID, a proof that you are a student and entitled to student discounts. You can read more about which specific discounts you get with the Mecenat card on their website.

From the autumn semester 2012 Karolinska Institutet decided that all students at the university should get a Mecenat card. Earlier it was only the members of the student associations who got the Mecenat card automatically. All registered students at KI will get a Mecenat card sooner or later (it might take some time to get registered in Ladok so the order might be delayed because of that).

We think it’s great that everybody gets the Mecenat card, since we think that everyone should be able to use the student discounts. However, we wanted to give our members something special, and we also felt that it is important that our members easily can identify as MF members. Therefore, we designed our own Medicinska Föreningen Mecenat card! With the MF mecenat card you get all the regular mecenat student discount and also MF exclusive discounts! It has a black background and our MF logotype in white – very clean and very cool! With this card you can easily prove that you are an MF member at our parties and activities to get discounts. You also have to show this card if you’re about to use any of our other exclusive student association discounts. Read more about these discounts here.

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