Parva Scintilla Medicorum

This years medals for studentinfluence are awarded to:

André Hermansson

Arash Hellysaz

Daniel Holl

Jennie Sporre

Hugo Zeberg



140 year Jubilee ball

22nd of April


Medicinska Föreningen celebrates its 140th anniversary on the 21st of April this year! This will be celebrated with a Jubilee Ball on the 22nd of April. We welcome you all to join us in the celebration, both students and non-students!

Buy your ticket online here:

You can also buy tickets in the receptions in Solna and Flemingsberg. The reception in Flemingsberg is open every Thursday 9 a.m – 1 p.m. This week the reception in Solna is open today Monday 9 a.m – 3 p.m, and next week Wednesday – Friday 9 a.m – 3 p.m.

Follow the event for more information up until the event:


Seminar about patientsecurity

This event will be held in Swedish
Medicinska Föreningen is proud to finally announce our first seminar evening regarding patient safety in cooporation with Sirona Health Solutions.
During the evening we will discuss how we as students should regard patient safety and how it is also important from an interprofessional standpoint.
The evening begins with talks and a panel discussion with some of swedens leaders in patient safety, after which a ligher dinner will be held and then Sirona will finish the evening a couple of real life cases.

For us to be able to plan dinner we kindly ask that you register on the following link:

If you would also like to participate in the case problems please send a mail containing name, education, and a short motivation to [email protected]


Studentrepresentatives for different positions at KI

Are you interested? Email [email protected]  
In some meetings, English works just as well as Swedish. But unfortunately, some organs within KI have such an amount of documentation (which by law has to be in Swedish) that they are not recommended for non-Swedish speakers.

Click the link on the right to see more information about which positions are available now, in English as well

New Semester!

Now it’s time for a new semester at KI. That means, as usual, a whole bunch of new students (yey!). On the 16th of January the new students will be at Aula Medica. Medicinska Föreningen will be represented at that event, and afterwards our fantastic Reception Committe (MU) will host a WELCOME EVENT, at our union house next door!!!

We’re looking forward to meeting all of you and hope that you will have a blast during the reception!!

More information about our other events during the reception can be found here:









Crux Parva Medicorum

We are proud to announce this semesters recipients of Crux Parva Medicorum!
The medals will be awarded on the Amphioxgasque on the 28th of January.



Apply for the board of Students’ Nobel Night Cap 2017
The journey has finally begun. There are plans to be made and a theme to be nailed!

We now want You who wish to take part in a most unique event and gain an experience seldom presented, by being part of the board of Students’ Nobel Night Cap 2017!

A fair share of work awaits, but we promise a true adventure and a memory for life in return.

Are You up for the challenge? Then apply for a seat in the board through the following link:

We want your application no later than the 22nd of december.

Eagerly waiting..

Veronica Hansson and Simon Körösi
Generals of SNNC17



Election results are in!
MF council 16/17


Kandidater % av röster
Anton Hoffman 26,5
Frida Hellström 26,2
Iris Peña Arriarán 22,8
Daniel Holl 22,5
Alice Weréen 17,9
Helena Hägglöf 16,2
Adele Kastensson 15,9
Katarina Stojanovic 14,2
Linnéa Dalman 13,2
Capucine Delorme 13,0
Leo Ziegel 12,3
Erik Edholm 11,5
Victor Svedberg 11,5
Ylva Jörsäter 7,4
Maria Hollsten 5,9
Blank 19,1


Sektionsrepresentanter Sektion
Malena Reventlid PsyKI
Klara Arvidsson SSEK
Otto Huanuco Rios BUS
Suppleanter Sektion
Pinja Ruuhinen PsyKI
Daniel Rylander BUS


International Committee 16/17

Hereby the results of the 2016 elections for the International committee members are announced.

Candidates % of votes
Xiaowen Li 19,9
Hampus Forsberg 18,5
Sara Tabari 17,3
Lucia Collazos 17,1
Dasha Shvaikovskaya 15,0
Muaad Hussien 14,0
Emily Eriksson 12,1
Sara Abu Ajamieh 11,9
Hanna Winter 10,5
Laila Naqvi 10,5
Sina Raiss 7,9
Otto Huanuco Rios 5,6
Youssef Elsharabasy 5,6
Blank 23,6





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