Crux Parva Medicorum

Andrea Montano Montes

Andrea is awarded Crux Parva Medicourm for her tireless efforts regarding Kårhus 2018. The project to renovate Medicinska Föreningens facilities is both time consuming and challenging, but it hasn’t hindered Andrea from being at the centre of it. A telling feature for Andrea’s work, behind the scenes, for Medicinska Föreningen’s, and its members, best. Andrea has been essential in the project and its value for Föreningen is immeasurable.

Thank you Andrea!

Erik Edholm

Erik is awarded Crux Parva Medicorum for his work in the aftermath of Peter Carlssons termination. With that, Medicinska Föreningen lacked a responsible for the liquour licensing, with all that it entails. Erik was asked to fill this position, until a new custodian could be hired, and accepted despite his other commitments. If the position had been left vacant during the final months of 2016 the economic effects would have been vast. Erik also identified issues and addressed them during his work, to prevent future issues. Erik had the knowledge required for the job, and the will to perform it, for the sake of Medicinska Föreningen.

Thank you Erik!

Frida Hellström

Frida is awarded Crux Parva Medicorum for her work in the aftermath of Peter Carlsson’s termination. Frida took on the responsibilities for the leasing business, a massive income source for Medicinska Föreningen, in addition to her previous responsibilities. Together with the administration committee, Frida dealt with the everyday work normally associated with the custodian, meanwhile serving as president of Medicinska Föreningen. Without Frida’s commitment and work, the leasing business would’ve been crippled. Frida put, during the last months of 2016, the well-being of Medicinska Föreningen before all.

Thank you Frida!

Jonathan Namini

Jonathan is awarded Crux Parva Medicorum for his work with PsyKI, the section for psychology students, and the reception committee. Jonathan has been a very appreciated, driven and committed chairperson of PsyKI. This has included efforts to increase the quality of studies at KI, integration between different professions and opening the eyes of a generation of psychology students for Medicinska Föreningen. Meanwhile, Jonathan has been an active and ever present member in Medicinska Föreningens facilities, usually with the reception committee to welcome the new students.

Thank you Jonathan!

Leonard Wahlroos

Leonard is awarded Crux Parva Medicorum for his work in the board of Medicinska Föreningen and SSEK, the section for nursing students. When SSEK’s board fell apart at the end of 2015, Leonard did everything in his power to bring the section on its feet again. Leonard succeeded in this, in part by arranging events for nursing students to come together. Today SSEK is once again an active and valuable part of the student union, something we have Leonard, in part, to thank for.

Thank you Leonard!

Mati Kargren

Mati is awarded Crux Parva Medicorum for his efforts to make Medicinska Föreningen a place for everyone. Medicinska Föreningen’s vision is centred on the three words Dedication, Diversity and Development. Few other have worked as diligent and with such passion for Diversity as Mati has. Mati has, as chairperson for Queerolinska, worked to make sure all students, despite sexual orientation or gender, feel included and welcome. Mati always reminds us of the value to be open for all and to state it clearly for all.

Thank you Mati!

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