Students’ Nobel NightCap


Medicinska Föreningen is looking for two project leaders and one financial manager for Students’ Nobel NightCap (SNNC) 2017!

Students’ Nobel NightCap: Since 1978 SNNC has traditionally been the annual after party for the Nobel banquet visited by Nobel laureates, professors and students. The responsibility for SNNC is passed every fourth year between the four student unions at the four big universities in Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet. The opportunity to arrange SNNC falls on Medicinska Föreningen every fourth year, and 2017 it is our turn again. SNNC is a very popular and prestigious party, and our two last contributions to this tradition in 2009 and 2013 were among the best SNNC parties – we have a high reputation to uphold!

General requirements for both positions: We are looking for someone with organisational and project leading experience, you should be confident in leadership and have good communication skills both orally and in writing. You should be able and willing to spend the time needed to carry the project through. The positions correspond to at least 50% of full time, but the workload varies and will at times be more time consuming.

Applicants should be linked to Karolinska Institutet, present or former student at KI and be a member of Medicinska Föreningen (supporting member is acceptable). The task includes closing of the project and thus does not end on the 11th December. It is important that applicants share MF’s values; this includes having a normative critical approach to issues regarding alcohol culture, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, functional variations, sexual orientation and age.

We are looking for two project leaders to arrange, plan and be responsible for SNNC 2017.

Required experience in:
• Organizing bigger projects (e.g. Career fairs, events parties and similar)
• Project leading
• Work with sponsors (economical and products)
• Administration
• Financial work and responsibilities

Desirable merits:
• Wide network in student Stockholm
• Experience of board work

We are looking for a financial manager for SNNC 2017, the applicant will work in close collaboration with the MF treasurer.

Required experience in:
• Financial responsibility
• Budgeting and organisation


Apply individually or in a group, do you have a vision? Be creative in your application!

Send your application, personal letter and CV maximum 2 A4, portrait picture and references to: [email protected]

Applications should be sent in no later than 12.00 am on June 12th
We look forward to receiving your application!


Questions can be sent directly to MF’s vice president: [email protected]

For those who want to be involved in the organizing of SNNC 2017 but don’t want to have the ultimate responsibility, keep following the newsletter and MF facebookpage and we we will publish more information in the beginning of 2017.

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