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In some meetings, English works just as well as Swedish. But unfortunately, some organs within KI have such an amount of documentation (which by law has to be in Swedish) that they are not recommended for non-Swedish speakers. Therefore those organs aren’t listed below. Those listed below are in most cases welcoming of English speakers as well.

Educational Committee (UN)

The educational committee (UN) is responsible for the deparment’s education, by coordinating the education at the department. The educational committee is led by the departments educational director (GUA). There are both student and teacher representatives in the committee.

The educational committees is in many ways the most concrete way to influence your education, and is therefore aimed at students who’s program/course it is responsible for. For more information about which educational committees that have vacant positions, and what program/courses they are responsible for, look below!


Educational committee for the Department of Women and Children’s Health (KBH)

Program responsibility for Barnmorskeprogrammet

Course responsiblity for the Medical program and Specialistsjuksköterskeprogrammen

Educational committee for the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB)

Course responsiblity for the Medical program (thesis-semester)

Educational committee for the Department of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS)

Program responsibility for the Optician program, Psychologist program, Psychotherapist program and Magister in Clinical optometri

Course responsiblity for the Physicaltherapist program, Medical program and Nursing program

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