The Aula

When you have entered the Kårhus, you find yourself in the foyer with a beautiful limestone floor. From here you can reach newly renovated toilets and three doors leading in the Aula hallway. The Aula is a large space with it’s 300 m2 floor space and 7 meters to the ceiling. The DJ booth is located to the left of the Aula entrance. To the right you find a bar along the entire right wall. In the centre of the vista, when entering the Aula, you find the stage. To the left there is also a large terrace for guests who wish to have some fresh air.

The Aula has a seating capacity for 250 guests. The stage is perfect for giving speeches, give concerts or arrange plays. Our sound and light equipment should satisfy everyones needs. To the left of the bar, there is a door to the back stage area with dressing rooms, a toilet and kitchen.

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