The Pub

From the entery there is a stair leading down to the pub. This local suits smaller companies. if you want to sit gatherd as a group then the biggest room in this local fits about 40 sitting, and if the comany spreads out there is room for more. There are newly renovated toilets in direct association to the pub (for ladies, men, handicaps and there is also a studentsque “vomiter”).

The bardisc is made out of oak and form this the musicthat is suitable for mingle and loungemusic is controlled, rather than wild dansmusic even though some dansillumination is at hand.

If you cintinue to the outside of the house you reach the gasque-link which can either be prepared fo mingleing or sitting guests. The gassqu-link in it’s rutn leads to the gasque that can be rented in combination to the publocal.


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