Rent Solvik – for union bodies

Information/Rules for intern-renting of Solvik

Medicinska Föreningen, your student union owns a sport cabin at the Kolström-sound between Värmdö and Ingarö. Medicinska Föreningen owns the cabin since 1961 and from that timepoint on it is intensively used by its members. During the past decades rules for the union-internal-renting were established that allows each union body (committees, societies, sections and councils) to use Solvik one night per year free of charge. This type of rentals currently accounts for about 70 percent of the total rentals.

The renting is carried out by our janitor Peter Carlsson and partly by volunteer “fogdar” from the sports cabin committee (Sportstugunämnden) who take care of both inspection and maintenance of the property. Maintenance and mending work takes mainly place during the so-called “fixar” (repair) events. Normally, we have one “fixa-” weekend during fall and spring. During those weekends we generally clean our property, take up or put “bryggor” (Landing stages) in the water, oil wooden surfaces, cut wood is, replace old blankets and mattresses, check radiators and pipes and make an inventory. During the the first week of the summer holidays we arrange our “fixa-vecka” (repairing week) during which major projects are carried out like building/replacing toilets, painting the house or windows, dig drainage ditches and so on. Work during these events is carried out by Solviks “fogdarna” and all student volunteers and their friends, to keep our property and treasure in a good condition.

In an ideal case Solviks “fogdar” take care of the regular maintenance, whereas bigger projects are performed, with the help of other student volunteers during the “fixa” events. In recent years, the number of people who have volunteered in these activities has declined significantly, which increased the work of the sports cabin committee significantly. This, together with the fact that after internal renting (of our committees, societies, sections and councils) Solvik is left more and more frequently in an unpleasant condition, concerns the sports cabin committee.

We think that (beside the above mentioned points) there is a poor general understanding of the amount of work that Solvik causes and in how far bad cleaning means an increased workload for the “fogde”.
The sports cabin committee would like to increase this understanding especially amongst the union bodies that are the major tenants and additional increase the amount of work that can be performed during the “fixa-“days. Furthermore are those days out in Solvik big social events that include a lot of fun.


Each student body that also in the future wants to use its free day in Solvik on an annual basis, has to contribute with work equal to two working days (2×8 hours) at one of the “fixa-“events. The associations / committees that help with the most workers receive as a bonus one extra free day in Solvik.

If you have any questions about Solvik or want to help in and around Solvik are warmly welcome to contact Sportstuguchefen Daniel Holl under [email protected]

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