Audiology section

The Audiology section is a part of Medicinska föreningen (MF) and exists for the audiology students. The section works with questions regarding student health, development of the education and of course social events. During the semesters we plan different events for all audiology students. We also discuss any problems that might occur with the education and exchange experiences with other sections at Medicinska föreningen. The goal is to always have two representatives from each semester so that each student can express their opinions to their representatives and make your voice heard.

Do you have questions? Contact us at: [email protected]

Hedvig R. Norkvist, e-mail: [email protected]

Helena Andersson, e-mail:[email protected]

Studiesocial sekreterare
Anna Sjögren, e-mail:[email protected]

Internationell sekreterare
Mathias Karlsson, e-mail:[email protected]

Sanna Enmark, e-mail:[email protected]

Vice utbildningssekreterare
Astrid Karlsson, e-mail:[email protected]

Vice internationell sekreterare
Maria Hollsten, e-mail:[email protected]


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