Biomedicine (BUS)

The Biomedical Section (BUS) gathers students from the  PN-7 programmes which involves  the bachelor and master programmes in Biomedicine in addition to the master programme in Bioentrepreneurship and Toxicology.

The sections main focus is to gather students and discuss matters concerning the education as well as the educational development in the programmes. The students interest towards KI in general is also represented. The section is also involved in organizing events and social activities for the  students (national and international) during the year. It might be inviting inspiring professors or companies to have a lecture for the students or renting the students unions sport cabin Solvik for a weekend.

As a student representative in BUS  you have the great opportunity to bring forward any ideas you might have on how the biomedicine programmes at KI could be improved or on what kind of events and social activities the section should organize for the students.

Your input is highly appreciated and if you are active in the section, we can help you promote your ideas. You are  welcome to all of our meetings where a notice will be sent to all biomedicine students a week prior to the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the programs or the sections work, do not hesitate to contact us! email : [email protected]

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