Are you curious about the student life of queer people in Stockholm?

Are you tired of a heteronormative education system?

Do you wonder where all the queer people at Karolinska Institutet and Medicinska Föreningen are hiding?

Queerolinska  is a an association with the purpose of representing the interests of LGBTQ students student and staff at Karolinska lnstitutet. We are officially affiliated with Medicinska Foreningen (MF) and Sveriges Forenade HBTQ-studenter (SFQ).

Our goal is to engage in different issues that affect the quality of our education and the university environment, as well as to organize social activities such as pubs and movie nights on a regular basis.

As a member you get to attend board meetings and influence our work. To officially join Queerolinska you need to have a pending membership of both MF and SFQ. You can still be a supporter by attending our member meetings and coming for our events, but we advise you to get the full membership in order to show your support towards our awesome organisation.

To apply for an SFQ membership, visit https://www.membit.net/m4-member/login/10 . A annual fee of 50kr will be charged. Make sure that you fill in the last two squares with
Lokal nivå ” (Engagement at a local level) & “Queerolinska ”.

We would like to make sure that everyone feels safe, and we want to point out that you do not need to be open to join our meetings. Upon request, we will not keep record of your attendance, and there will be no outing anybody. You are more than welcome, and stay tuned here on our page for when to meet us next!

To get in contact with Queerolinska, email us at:

[email protected]

or visit our fb-page:




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